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Orane Institute | Cosmetology Course in Vizag Visakhapatnam

Orane Institute | Cosmetology Course in Visakhapatnam

Orane Institute | Cosmetology Courses in Vizag Visakhapatnam

Cosmetology is an emerging area of study as the world is going global in the way one wants to look or dress.The current fashion industry has taken the world by storm. The world has become smaller due to the onset fn the internet and social networking sites. A trend takes only seconds to catch on and the same can be said of it fading out. The fast-paced fashion conscious and glamour focused world is becoming more and more cosmetic oriented. Everyone can benefit from learning the art of presenting oneself perfectly and to the best of their capabilities. The need of the hour is definitely in knowing and the whys and hows of the presentation skills. That is what we have packaged in the form of cosmetology courses. We offer a multitude of options for students who want to make a living by selling the art of beautifying the physical assets. Have a look at what we have to offer in the name of COSMETOLOGY courses in Vizag Visakhapatnam



Course Duration: 1 Year


It is offered to the students who wish to set foot in the beauty industry. We impart the basic theoretical and practical knowledge about fundamental beauty techniques. We also cover the current beauty trends along with the art of hair care and coloring, pedicure and manicure, personal hygiene, facials, makeup, hair designing and grooming, and all other related aspects. It offers all the knowledge in a stepwise manner, graduating from the basics to the advanced concepts.



Course Duration: 1 ½ years


The course deals with the knowledge of the basic fundamentals related to the aesthetics of hair and skin. COSMETOLOGY diploma in India offered by Em Kays group of institutes starts with the basics and advances to the latest trends and techniques useful in the modern glamour oriented world. It covers all aspects of skin care maintenance, facials, grooming, and makeup, caring for tips and toes with manicure and pedicure, hair styling and much more. The course is imparted in such a way that you are sure to arrive in the glamour world within a few days of starting your tryst with it.



Course Duration: 2 Years


Masters in cosmetology course equips you to kickstart your career in the cosmetology industry. Our varied course contents include a thorough round-up of the theoretical and practical aspects of hair care and coloring, beauty techniques, personal upkeep, hair styling, grooming, makeup, mehndi, spa, and knowledge about nail art and extensions. It covers all the basic and advanced topics of beauty, hygiene, and makeup. The complete duration of the course is 2 years.



Course Duration: 7 Months


This 7-month course is of great help if you want to begin your career in the beauty business. It covers all aspects of the beauty industry like basic hygiene, hair care,maintenance rituals like pedicure and manicure and facials. It also covers presentation skills such as makeup, hair coloring, and styling.



Course Duration: 8 Months


Advance Diploma in cosmetology serves the same purpose as the above courses but the timeline of the course is around 8 months. So the ones who are in a tearing hurry to start their career in the beauty industry need to devote only 8 months to gain knowledge. It covers the basics and the advanced trends which include hair and skin care, grooming of the skin using makeup,presenting people with the latest hairstyles and maintaining our body with the right kind of facials,manicure and pedicure.

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