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Importance of illustrations in a fashion designing course

Why Illustration Is An Important Part In Fashion Designing

Why Illustration Is An Important Part In Fashion Designing

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Now that you have passed from fashion designing institute, you must be knowing the importance of illustrating in fashion designing. The illustrations are very different from old pictures, the face may not be real, bodies in some of the portraits may also be extended. This brings a very different look to the illustrations and also lays emphasis on the dress.  

Illustrations play an important role in fashion designing and also in the different parts which serve in educating about illustration. It is the form of art in which fashion is explained or represented.

Some reasons to explain why fashion illustration is important in fashion designing:

Importance #1:

To have the freedom of representing fashion as per their wish

Fashion illustration gives the freedom to designers to design as per their wish. The illustration of fashion designs is mainly through sketches. The part of the body from head to toe remains the same in fashion illustration. Different illustrators have their own style of illustrating.

The body is usually made out of proportion, and legs are mostly longer than they normally are.

Importance #2:

A Great Place To Display Your Work

If you wish that good clients buy your work then you should be a good illustrator, you should also learn to make many sales. The reason is that none is going to come to you and buy from you, unless and until you see your work through your illustrations. For this, you will have to be active on social media, and try building up clients through different channels of social media. Online marketing is a great way to showcase your work because there are a lot of people who are active in social media nowadays.

Importance #3:

Illustrations Help Customers Know The Design Better.

An illustrated design helps customers know the type of style they want. A good illustration helps customers give the right measurement of cloth which they are likely to give you for designing. A fashion illustration can help the clients to know about style a cloth can be used for. The fashion designer can tell you about the average cost of all designs.

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