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Summer Proof Your Hair With These Tips

Tips to Summer Proof Your Hair

Tips to Summer Proof Your Hair

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Summer is finally here. With this, it brings the time we all can sit back and enjoy at the pool. We all make sure that we apply proper sunscreen to protect our skin from getting it sunburn. But we neglect how important is to protect the hair in this harsh weather. For this, we have some tips which will surely help you protect your hair in this weather.

  • Apply the conditioner before swimming

The sea water and swimming pool water is not the best type of water for the hair. While you are getting ready to take a dip you should either apply coconut oil or hydrating conditioner so that the salt or chlorinated water does not affect the hair. This way you can protect them from getting damaged and they will look nourished as well as strong.

  • Wear a hat or cover the hair

Whether you are going out to the market or going to the beach, you should wear a hat. This way the sun rays want to damage the hair. You can also wrap a scarf around your head which can match your outfit and you can protect the hair from sun damage.

  • Hair protection from Sun

As we have already said the UV rays can damage the hair and it will lose its color (if you color-treated hair). Sitting in the sun for a long time will cause sweat build-up on the scalp which can make the hair look greasy. So, make sure you use a dry shampoo which has pollution protection as well as UV protection. This way, the hair will be protected from grease as well as sun damage.

  • Use gentle shampoo

Always make sure you gentle shampoo and conditioner for washing the hair. Additionally, you should be very gentle with your hair otherwise they will break very easily. Use shampoo which has a sulfate-free formula.

  • Apply hair mask

in this harsh weather, the hair gets frizzy and dull. To prevent this problem you should apply a hair mask before washing the hair. Apply the hair mask at least every week one or two times. Also, make sure you get your hair trimmed on proper time so that split ends can be treated and the hair will more healthy also.

No doubt, giving proper attention to the hair is essential. If you are thinking of learning the hair designing classes in Vizag you should choose the best hair artistry coaching institute.

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