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Things a Hair Stylist Must Do Every day

Things a Hair Stylist Must Do Everyday

Things a Hair Stylist Must Do Everyday

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Every business has a certain routine. While you are training at the cosmetology school, your days will be scheduled according to the study time table. You will be working in your class, having breaks in between and relaxing after the classes. Your bedtime at night will more or less be the usual time people sleep. But things will change once you start your own salon or land up a job at one. With the title of licensed stylist will come to a lot of responsibilities which might demand a complete reversal of your routine. At Emkay cosmetology institute, we train you for the things you need to do every day so that you don’t goof up when it comes to time management. The Emkays beauty school suggest that you do the following things to manage your schedule efficiently –

  • Look up your Appointments

Confirm the appointments with your customers. Double check your schedule and prepare for each client on an individual basis. You can work out the finer details while waiting for a customer. Also, plan your lunch break according to the timing of the appointments.

  • Clean and Keen

Parlors need cleanliness and hygiene to the maximum as they are always a customer’s priority. You will have to devote some time in the morning to clean and sanitize your parlor. A clean and hygienic parlor will earn you brownie points from the customer.

  • Prepare for the busy day ahead

It pays to prepare for the busy day ahead. First of all, stretch yourself. You will have to do that, especially for your legs as they are the part of your body which take all the strain while you stand for long hours. Take a few minutes to be aware of the sales in the local area or anything new coming up which might be of interest to your client. Get ready to break the ice with your client with these topics.

  • Prioritize on Queries

Never stop asking questions even if you have known the client for years. The clients may not be able to take care of their hair or skin with new changes in their life. You could suggest a new product or a new hairstyle according to the client’s condition and requirements.

  • Have a Cheerful Disposition

Smile is definitely the first step to breaking the ice with the most difficult clients. Don’t get bogged down by the thoughts of the never-ending day and the amount of work piling up, wipe away your negative thoughts with a smile. It will not only lighten your mood but brighten up the day of your client as well.

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