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Salon Business Secrets To Make Your Name

Take Your Salon Business To New Heights With These Secrets

Take Your Salon Business To New Heights With These Secrets

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You have just passed out from your institute and have done all oranes beauty parlor courses and are now thinking of opening up your own parlor or salon which gains success. Then keep reading these tips to know on how you can gain success by opening a parlor or salon.

Clients keep coming back, often

You have to first aim to win new clients. You have to make sure that your customers stay loyal to you and also they keep coming back to you. Hence you can increase the number of repeat bookings. Research has found out that customer holding rates by around 6% can raise the level of profits by  30 %. besides that, the customers who keep coming up to you spend at least more than 70% of what new clients spend. One thing which can be done is that when a client comes to book their next appointment with you, you can take payment for the appointment which they have booked. You can try new tactics of asking for the next appointment, like asking “can we place an order for your next appointment now?” can only lead the clients to answer in a number. So try something innovative like, “ your hair color might not last for more than a month, would you again like to come back and get it done?” might attract you more clients.

Target new audiences

Then you can also look for targeting new clients. In case most of your clients are women, then try to expand your male clients also. This can include offering treatments like hair removal and also making some space in your office more gender neutral. You can also think about expanding your current client. If you have many mothers, you can also offer to give their children a hair cut or also pamper their grown-up children by giving them a manicure or something special.

For this, you will have to spend some time to research each of your clients and also make sure you do not miss any new client.

Make use of social media

Social media is a place where you can find all your clients. Be it Facebook, Instagram or any other channel of social media.  Target your clients as much as you can. Social media is a free means of attracting new clients. Do some research and see which channel do your clients use most and get to target them there. Create pages for your business and promote it as much as you can.  Also, see what the other saloon owners are putting upon social media, how are they participating in all social; media activities?

Also, interact with your clients. you can share pictures of the events which take place in your salon, tell them about an upcoming event, promotions, put up pictures of any hairstyles or beauty looks which you have created.   You can also put up thank you notes for clients who have appreciated your services.

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