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Makeup Hacks for a Working Woman

Makeup Hacks For A Working Woman By Best Makeup Academy

Makeup Hacks For A Working Woman By Best Makeup Academy

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Summer is finally here as well as the pool parties, BBQ’s, and pretty fashion. But along with this it also brings sticky and hot weather. We all know the struggle to put the right kind of makeup so that it does not get smudged or the makeup will start melting and it will ruin your dress.

Moreover, if you are working women you don’t have time to spend hours applying the perfect makeup. We have some tips for you so that you can save your time and look perfect in the office.

  • Set lipstick by blotting

No one likes chapped and dry lips especially after you have applied liquid lipstick. To avoid this thing, make sure you properly moisturize and exfoliate the lips before applying the lipstick. Once you are done, prime the lips with either a foundation or concealer. You might be surprised to hear this but as a lip primer concealer and foundation are the best option. You can apply it on lips by using a wet makeup sponge.

After applying the lipstick, blot the lips and it will last longer. Repeat this for at least two times and the lip color will last longer.

  • Accentuate the brows with concealer

There is no doubt, eyebrows should also look perfect as they increase facial beauty even more. Concealer is the best choice to make the brows look sharp and you get the bold look which you are looking for. On the outer edges apply a very tiny amount of concealer so that it gets a clean finish.

  • Prevent the Fall-Outs

If you sometime in the morning and you feel like doing your eye makeup. If you prefer doing eye makeup after the base is complete then it might happen that makeup might fall out. For this, hold a tissue after the face to have eye shadow fall outs won’t affect the entire base. Additionally, you can also use clear tape to take out all the fallout.

  • Choose safe colors

You cannot wear dark colors in the office as it won’t look the best. Like wearing red lipstick is not the best option for the office. You should carefully choose your makeup preferences according to the situation, place, and event.

If you are thinking of learning the makeup course then make sure you select the best makeup academy in Vizag.

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