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For First Timers - Makeup Client Consultation Tips

Makeup Client Consultation Tips for First-Timers

Makeup Client Consultation Tips for First-Timers

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To become the best makeup artist it is very essential to have proper skills and knowledge about every small detail. If you are going to get to attend your first makeup client consultation then you might be nervous about how to plan everything. In this guide, we will give you some tips for the first time makeup client consultation.

So, you are about to become a certified makeup artist and your first makeup consultation is very near. You are confident about makeup skills but you have never met any client for a consultation.

First Timers: Makeup Client Consultation Tips

It is very essential to know what happens in the consultation. This is just like how a bride goes for the fittings of her wedding dress to make sure it fits perfectly. You will get to know what type of makeup the client is expecting for the occasion. Sometimes the client decides the makeup artist based on how the consultation went. Below we have mentioned a few tips which are very useful for first-timers.

  • Research properly

All the experienced makeup artist do their work before they meet the client. If you are a beginner it is essential to know what the clients would like or which are the latest trend in the market right now. What you can do is ask an expert to give you some tips. Having a mentor by your side will make things very easy and if you already have one it will be easy. You can also take tips from the teachers who taught you in the makeup school.

  • Prepare Everything before the consultation

You will be getting paid for the first time even if it’s just for consultation as you are giving them proper time. In between the discussion you should talk about the payment based on how the consultation went.

You can prepare a face chart to tell the client how the makeup will look. Additionally, prepare your makeup kit and it should include things which are important and there should be few alternative options.

  • Make sure the client feels comfortable

You should make the client feel comfortable and they might be nervous too. Dress well and look your best in the consultation. You can even show them some demo if they want to see your skills.

  • Asking the right questions

Here are some questions that you can ask your client:

  1. What type of makeup routine do you follow?
  2. What type of event it is or what is the purpose of the photo shoot?
  3. How does the outfit for event looks?

If you are planning to learn the bridal makeup course then you should join our institute to get the best knowledge which will help you in your future.

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