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Traditional HD Makeup VS Airbrush Makeup

Difference in Traditional HD and Airbrush Makeup

Difference in Traditional HD and Airbrush Makeup

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Traditional HD makeup

The use of traditional makeup includes liquid, powdered foundation, and cream. They are applied using a different range of makeup tools such as sponges, foundation brushes, and fiber brushes. Many brides still choose this option for their wedding day.

Airbrush makeup

This is a new technique to apply makeup. In this specially formulated makeup is applied by using an airbrush gun as well as makeup air compressor.


  • Lightweight

The use of traditional cream or liquid is quite heavier as compared to airbrush makeup. The traditional HD makeup is applied with the hand so it can give thicker consistency on the face. On the other hand, the airbrush makeup is applied using the airbrush technique so it is very lightweight as well as it is very thin.  

  • Coverage and look

On your wedding day if you want natural looking makeup than go for airbrush technique. It works perfectly as the foundation contains while fine elements. If you want full coverage then choose the option of traditional makeup as the products give stronger consistency. No doubt, whichever method you choose the makeup artist will give you the desired results you are looking for.

  • Waterproof

The traditional makeup can melt or smudge because of sweat. It might ruin your clothes also and the makeup will also get ruined. You might have to get touch-ups throughout the day so that your makeup look perfect.  On the other hand, with airbrush makeup, you don’t have to worry. The foundation is smudge proof and waterproof. Moreover, it can last for around 16 hours without any touch-ups.

  • Expertise level

Another thing which the bride should keep in mind while choosing any of these techniques is the makeup artist should be experienced. In airbrush, the makeup needs to be applied from a distance so it needs to apply with proper attention. On the other hand, with traditional makeup, the MUA has more control as there is no tension of getting any portion done again. It would be best if you get a makeup trial before the wedding day so that you know which method you like the best.

  • Hypoallergenic

Sometimes choosing a cheap quality of traditional makeup can result in some kind of allergy. It would be best if you do a patch test rather than applying it directly to your face. On the other hand, airbrush makeup is best for all skin types as they are silicone-based and hypoallergenic.

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