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Cosmetologist Vs Hair Stylists

Difference between Cosmetologist and Hair Stylists

Difference between Cosmetologist and Hair Stylists

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Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive but they are unable to find the difference between both cosmetologist and hair stylist. No doubt, both get their education from cosmetology institute and makeup school because both perform hairstyles. In addition, cosmetologist also knows how to apply makeup and nail art whereas hair stylists only know that hairstyles.

Here are some differences between cosmetologist and hair stylists.

Who to Approach-: Cosmetologists or Hair Stylists?

Hair stylists only style your hair and cosmetologist also give new styles to your hair but he knows very well about makeup, nail art, massage, pedicure, and manicure as well. If you want all above-mentioned things under one roof then you must visit the cosmetologist because he is the only who give all these services. Moreover, cosmetologist also offers you some other services such as skin hair removal and giving shape to your eyebrows or wigs as well.

Education and licensing

Well, the basic education of both is the same and both experts are licensed, professionals or stylists. In which hair stylist is useful to take care of your hair and he needs only 3-4 weeks course in order to learn the hairstyles. In addition, they are able to cut or style hair within 3 weeks. After 3 weeks they consider as hair stylists.

Whereas cosmetologist takes more time to get an education because he needs to complete a makeup course also. Thee are some others also available where he has to focus in order to become professional.

Job opportunities for both professionals

There are several job opportunities for both professionals, if they want to open their own business then they can. Otherwise, they can get a job in a famous salon depends on their skills and experience. Then your salon owner gives you designation or title according to your work. But cosmetologists are able to do more tasks as compared to hair stylists.

The job opportunities for both are different because there are some salons which only offer hair styling and some offer only makeup. A cosmetologist is a professional who can work in both salons but if we talk about hair stylists then he is not able to work in makeup academy or salon.

So, both the professions are different, you can choose a course according to your choice. But we recommend you to choose a cosmetology course because then you will be able to do more tasks.

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