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Tips to Boost Morale of Your Parlor Staff

Boost Morale Of Your Staff With These Tips

Boost Morale Of Your Staff With These Tips

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It is a very good thing that you have finished doing oranes beauty parlor course and are ready to open a salon of your own. After owning a business, it is very essential that you take care of your staff. Below are given some tips to boost the morale of your staff:

Keep interacting with your staff

No interaction with staff members leads to many problems among employees, especially if their boss does not listen to them. It can be a possibility that you keep on changing your staff timetable or that you have late opening hours and your employees are not comfortable with this. It can also be possible that your management style might not be liked by employees. Speak with them so that they are able to tell you their problem areas, and then you can work out your differences together. Otherwise, if the issues are not resolved, it can badly affect your business. Give them an opportunity to give you their feedback. You can also shut the saloon when there are not many people coming in, and opening early next day.

Motivate staff members to improve their skills

If employees are not encouraged in their field of work, they might get disengaged in their work and remain unhappy. Challenge your staff by making a target for them, like learning eyebrow threading or manicure skills. You can also provide them some courses like hairdressing and beauty courses, which will encourage the employees and give them a good boost. Get to know what other members interest lies in. Example, someone might help you in maintaining your social media account, or someone might take care of first aid.

Don’t overburden your staff

Most of the saloon during festive seasons make appointments in a row, not leaving even a minute for the employees to breathe. If your staff feels that they already are overburdened with work, putting all the more work pressure on them is going to make their stress levels reach sky high and they might also not do the work given to them like the way they should be doing. All this will further affect your customer experience and your brand name will also be at stake. You can employ more staff if you feel the need to, during busy periods.

Keep rewarding them from time to time

Employees get disheartened when no rewards or words of appreciation are said to them. Everyone needs to be praised and given incentives, if you do not praise your employees but just giving them a workload, they will get bored and some of them might also run away!! keep offering them with some rewards like an employee of the month, or some small token of appreciation. This will  boost their morale and also will keep healthy competition.

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