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Difference between Cosmetologist and Hair Stylists

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive but they are unable to find the difference between both cosmetologist and hair stylist. No doubt, both get their education from cosmetology institute and makeup school because both perform hairstyles. In addition, cosmetologist also knows how to apply makeup and nail art whereas hair stylists only know […]

Things a Hair Stylist Must Do Everyday

Every business has a certain routine. While you are training at the cosmetology school, your days will be scheduled according to the study time table. You will be working in your class, having breaks in between and relaxing after the classes. Your bedtime at night will more or less be the usual time people sleep. […]

Things Good Hair Stylists Do

As a kid were you always interested in cutting and styling your dolls hair? Or while growing up you were always fascinated by how the hair stylist style the hair in such a good manner? Now, you are planning to start a career in the cosmetology course. No doubt, having the passion to do something […]

Tips To Start Career in Fashion Industry

No doubt there is so much competition in the fashion industry as well. But you have to grow yourself in this competitive world and make your image in this field so that people can follow you. If you are thinking to start your career in the fashion industry then you have to learn first about […]

Tips to Keep Curls in Hair

Everyone loves the bouncy, flawless, and beautiful curls. Ditch your regular look and follow new look so that everyone can praise you. Since your hair is the center of attraction and you do not play with them. This summer you must go with the best tips to hold curls for a long time and prove […]

Boost Your Creativity in Beauty Career With These tips

In the past few years, the demand for the beauty industry has grown a lot. This is the reason more and more people are choosing to build their career in this profession. It is also necessary that the students should keep in mind certain tips no matter which career option they select. These things will […]

Things That Great Hair Stylists Do

Hair stylists are those who improve your look not only facial but overall. They give their best to improve your appearance so that you can look different from others. In addition, there are some other things which great hair stylist do include understanding customer needs, knowledge of the latest trends, and so on. These all […]

Instagram Tips for Beauty Students

Social media has its own place in the beauty world. If we were to pick one app for catalyzing our marketing,  many of us would pick Instagram, isn’t it? Definitely, the app is a boon to people who want to market their products or services on social media sites. But what can you do to […]