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Tips to become beauty expert with Emkays Institute

Nowadays it is seen that people are very conscious about their looks. In that case, seeking the help of the beauty expert is the ideal choice for them as they give the best advice. In this guide, we will share the tips by which you can become the beauty expert by joining the Emkays Institute. […]

Tips to Win Customer Loyalty as a hair stylist

No matter what type of business you are running, customer loyalty is most effective sport of your business. But if you are running a beauty salon or you are a hairstylist then you need to win the customer loyalty. Here, in this article there are so many tips which will help you to win customer […]

Beauty Tips To Get The Flawless Out Of The Bed Look

We all want to have a glowing and healthy skin. For that, it is essential that we take care of it properly. By following a proper skin care routine in the night you can have a glowing skin. In this guide, we will let you know some beauty tips which will make your skin look […]

Why Fashion internships are important in career

You may not be aware of internships, that why they are important in the fashion industry. But there are several reasons behind internships such as you should learn new skills, meet professionals, and famous people of the fashion industry. Here, in this guide we are going to give you information related to internships. Internships are […]

Why CAD is important in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is the most popular area which is loved by everyone. But not everyone knows about new technologies in the fashion industry. Have you heard about CAD designs, if yes then ok, but if no, then we are going to give you detailed information about CAD designs in this guide. Fashion designing is becoming […]

Things to know before Choosing Fashion Design Institute

In this article we are describing that what points you should keep in mind when are you choosing fashion designing education institute or colleges. Here we will describe the syllabus of courses, fees or price of the institutes which provides courses of designing and why is necessary to be aware when choosing institutes/colleges. Fashion Education […]

Difference between Cosmetologist and Hair Stylists

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive but they are unable to find the difference between both cosmetologist and hair stylist. No doubt, both get their education from cosmetology institute and makeup school because both perform hairstyles. In addition, cosmetologist also knows how to apply makeup and nail art whereas hair stylists only know […]